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G-Recorder Professional Crack+ Free [Updated-2022]


**[Features of G-Recorder Professional 1.0.1]{.ul}**

– Use G-Recorder Professional to save Skype calls without any additional user input.
– Uploads the saved calls to a pre-defined email address.
– Supports different file formats for the saved calls, including MP4, MPEG-4, AVI, OGG, WAV, AMR, WMA, and 3GP.
– Includes a graphic user interface and a voice collection window.
– Includes a text selection window.
– The software does not require a Skype account to save Skype calls.
– Supports different input modes: a hotkey-based input mode, and the standard keyboard mode.
– Supports different output modes: a hotkey-based output mode, and the standard file format.
– The software is suitable for beginners to experienced users.

G-Recorder Professional is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Microsoft Windows Server.

**Please Note:**

– G-Recorder Professional does not support Skype for iOS, Skype for Mac, Skype for Android, or Skype for Facebook.
– G-Recorder Professional uses an outdated version of Skype.

**Registration key:**

If you do not own G-Recorder Professional 1.0.1, please download it for free from the G-Recorder Professional website at:


![G-Recorder Professional](IJT-6-58-g001){#F1}

G-Recorder Pro 2.0 {#sec2-2}

G-Recorder Pro is a free and easy-to-use recording application for Skype calls.

The software includes a graphic user interface, a text selection window, a voice collection window, and a standard file format for saving the captured Skype calls.

G-Recorder Pro Description:

**[Features of G-Recorder Pro 2.0]{.ul}**

– Use G-Recorder Pro to save Skype calls without any additional user input.
– Uploads the saved calls to a pre-defined email address.
– Supports different

G-Recorder Professional Free Download

– Recording and sending of Skype calls.
– Provides an easy solution to automatically record Skype calls.
– Automatic calls sent to predefined email address.
– Send captures to predefined email addresses.
– Customizable settings.
– Excellent manual.

G-Recorder Professional is a Skype VoIP Recorder that easily captures Skype calls and saves them to audio files.

The application is easy to use and has an easy interface.
G-Recorder Professional allows you to record your Skype calls in different qualities (mono, stereo, 5.1 surround) and send them to different destinations (phone, email).

With the G-Recorder Professional application, you can record and send calls to different destinations.
– The application has a simple and user-friendly interface.
– It can be used as a Skype Call Recorder.
– It records Skype calls and sends them to different destinations.
– It has a flexible and easy to use interface.
– It has a timer that can be configured to activate the recording in a specific time.
– It can record Skype calls in different qualities.
– It can save the recorded calls to audio files, and send them to predefined email addresses or receive them on your phone.
– You can configure many different options, including:
– Time settings.
– Available media file formats.
– Media file saving location.
– Audio quality settings.
– Some other options, such as, On Air and Mute.
– Skype Video/Audio quality settings.
– Active Skype ID.
– Start recording Skype calls.
– Mute All Calls.
– Download recorded calls from the Outlook client to the device.
– Mute Recordings (wenn weitere ausgewählte E-Mail-Adressen eingetragen sind).
– Sends the recorded calls to predefined email addresses or receive them on your phone.
– G-Recorder Professional is compatible with Skype 5.0.2 and later versions.

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G-Recorder Professional [Win/Mac] 2022

G-Recorder Professional is a Skype call recorder. It enables you to easily record all Skype calls and play them back later. 
What sets this application apart from other similar apps is its Skype call recording option. G-Recorder Professional records all Skype calls to the following formats: .wav,.mp3,.mp4,.aiff and.flac. Furthermore, it will automatically save the recorded Skype calls to a pre-defined email address.
G-Recorder Professional also lets you easily view the call logs, captured calls and messages on a call history web page. Furthermore, the logs can be viewed in chronological order or by date. Additionally, you can listen to the calls via an embedded speaker or headphones.



Windows XP or later.

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What’s New In?

G-Recorder is an intuitive application for recording Skype calls.
In addition, G-Recorder can be setup to automatically save your Skype calls to a pre-defined email address.


1. Start G-Recorder by clicking the application’s icon in your computer’s system tray.
2. Once the app is started, click the record button. A window will pop up that requests your Skype login and password information.
3. After your information is entered, click OK.
4. Once the app is connected to Skype, click the record button.
5. A window will pop up that allows you to enter your desired contact email address.
6. After entering your desired contact email address, click OK.

Note: There are three options available within the application’s menu.

1. Stop G-Recorder
2. Replay G-Recorder
3. Help


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